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Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Memory In Japan

I have been to Japan in 1994. I was attending a factory course which was paid  by our company .I had been there for three months.   I  stay  in Kawasaki where are nearest for me to reached the NEC. I attended that training because our company bought the equipment for our SUBMARINE CABLE STATION.  After finished the equipment training we moved to the north part to attending the battery course at Fujitsu SENDAI. During week end we went for visiting to some places. We went to Tokyo and Sibuya .  I like the Japanese, there are very polite to people event through we are visitor. Mostly the Japanese can’t speak English. We have our Japanese class everyday so that it easier for us to communicate when we went for shopping and visiting. We reached Narita Airport during winter time I like very much because our country don’t  have that climate. Here are some of my photos


Joseph Archibald said...

Hi Asnah, very interesting about your own and your family's experiences in Japan! How do you find learning the language, is it so very different to Mandarin, for example?

Forgive my naivety. I come from UK and for me to learn Mandarin (I now live in Kuching) is near to an impossibility. Allow me French, Italian, Spanish and yes, its very obtainable. But Mandarin or Cantonese?

Thank you for sharing your experiences in Japan!

Kind regards to you!
Joseph Archibald

Temuk said...

Salam Asnah
The Japanese are very concerned about discipline, cleanliness and doing things in a very systematic way. Under the look-east policy, we were actually told to follow the way Japanese do their work. I don't know whether we have managed to do it.

asnah58 said...

Yes Temuk decipline A+. Eventhrough a busy place like bus station or railway station when enter the train they lineup nicely, but here we are pushing each other. Am i right?

Nadzree said...


-fizA- said...

rasa nak g jepun.. ngumpul duit lok..