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Friday, November 20, 2009

Armand dan Aiman

The photo above is my beloved grandchildren Armand & Aiman.Armand now is 3yr 9 month old.He is staying with me since her mother resume duty at putrajaya.Aiman is 2yr 2month and now the his mother in putra jaya.I miss him very much.

Keja overtime lagi

I just received the schedule for Miri-labuan upgrading.So it meant that tonight i have to work overtime again. The upgrading start at 0001 21/11/09. I will come earlier about 10 :30 pm. Pity my aina to nite, so i have to inform my friend sal that aina have to sleep with her until the upgrading finish might be next friday or earlier, what to do this is my routine job as technician, I am very lucky that my husband can do the house work such as cooking and washing. He is very understanding since our married 25yrs ago.He become mother and father when i am away.