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Friday, May 1, 2009

Sorry now only i can update

Good morning family and friends
So long i haven't update my blog.Times is always limited . Everyday busy at station since we start upgrading our equipment and system.We have just finish testing and next week the contractor Pernec will hand over to our company. I just want t let u know that i have a new home which is 95% completed. I feel so happy at least i have 2 houses which i used my own money to buy.My first home is miri Sarawak which is under company loan and my 2nd home cash from my saving. I hope i will have another home before i retire, at least every of my three children have once.
To Fiza
my elders daughter mama miss u&aim; Aim(my grandchildren) Hope u will write in again for transfer back here. Mama will move to our new home in middle of may mama hope both u and aim fly back.
To Nadzree my son study harder for your future pliz call mama when u are free. Why u so quiet there.Pliz let mama know when is your semesta break earlier so that mama will book yr air tiket earlier.

Aim i miss u since u leave me two month ago.Aim jangan lupa cakap sarawak.Za di rumah ko jgn cakap semenanjung ngan nya.