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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Murdered Boy Buried In Shallow Grave

Berita ini saya copy dari sarawak update, kenapa kah remaja sekarang semakin kejam tanpa belas kesihan.

Murdered Boy Buried In Shallow Grave

suspect in green

Kuching: A teenager killed a former schoolmate before burying him in a four feet deep grave behind his house at Kampung Sadong.
The teenager aged 19 was arrested this morning by Samarahan police at 7 am.
Samarahan OCPD, DSP Abdul Rahman Ahmad said the suspect aged 19 was arrested in his house while his victim’s remains was being dug out by Rela and police. The crime scene was examined by forensic team.
The victim’s remains were send to Sarawak General hospital morgue.
The victim, Taufik bin Abdul Rahim aged 15, a Form Three student at SMK Sadong Hilir was reported missing since January 15th.
Police got a break through when they traced the missing motorcycle of the victim to the suspect.
After the arrest, the teenager took police to his house where he showed them the place the body was buried.
Abdul Rahman said the boy would be charged for murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code which carries a mandatory death sentence.
He said the suspect came from a broken family with his parents divorced and his father untraceable. The youngster, the oldest of three siblings was left to fend for himself after his mother died last year. His two siblings were being cared by relatives.
Abdul Rahman said initial investigation revealed that the victim wanted to report the suspect’s for stealing motorcycle and was believed to lure him to the suspect’s house. It was there that he and other four suspects at large were believed to bash up the victim with blunt objects.
He said the murder weapons had been seized. Police are now hunting for the other four suspects.
According to the victim’s father, Abdul Rahim bin Hassan, 42 said his dead son who is the 3rd in a family of five was a well behaved boy, always helping out in his garage.
He said on Saturday at 1 pm, Taufik went out on his mother’s motorcycle and never returned. The worried family tried to look for him and seek help from other villagers.
“I was worried as the flood is everywhere. I lodged a police report on the 16th for missing person,” said the grieved father.
Yesterday, villagers told the father that they saw the suspect riding his wife’s motorcycle and police were alerted.
This morning while at the crime scene, police formed a circle around the suspect for fear of him being attacked by angry villagers.
In the house was also an assortment of spare motorcycle parts believed to be taken apart from stolen motorcycles.