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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tired ....till when??????

I left office at 5:30pm today.at least i feel not tension when i get out. i direct to fetch Armand. I and Armand went to see my new house,I feel happy to see the ceiling at sitting room has completed. The worker still fixing the floor tiles. after that we move to fetch Aina my adopted baby.
Reached home almost at 7pm. This are my routine job everyday.Very very tired.......

About Armand & Ajib

Armand is my grandson and Ajib is my nephew.Armand is 3 years and 2 month old and Ajib is 6 month older than him. Armand always make me trouble sometimes he want to stay at home playing with Ajip. Armand and Ajib always fighting that make me angry.Both like to play together but a few minute later we heard them cries.Ajib always say ko iboh which Armand dislike he start shouting when hear Ajib saying that words .Armand always say taik ko to ajib and this make them ongoing fighting.When Armand not at home ajib always waiting for Armand to come home but when meeting together fighting start.This are their routine job everyday.heheheh....Anyway i love them