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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Can't Trust You Anymore

We both now I can't trust you
You're the one who won't listen
I told you not to do it but you still did
Now I'm broken

You said you don't care
So why are you saying sorry
This fight's going no where
But I don't care

If you have the right to be like that
Then so have I
You wouldn't know coz you're too stubborn
I don't know why

I can't trust you
Because you wouldn't even listen
You don't know what's right and wrong
You never do
You only listen to your self

I'm not gonna warn you again
Because I already did
Lots of time
Now you have to choose
Coz I'm not gonna care anymore
Had enough of that
Because I can't trust you anymore


anymz said...

wah!cam patah hati je poem ni kak..tuju kat sape tu kak?..
isshh..bagi penumbuk lima je pd sape2 yg sakitkan hati akak tu ya.

asnah58 said...

takdelag suka2 je