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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Memory in Japan Part 2

Memory in Japan Part 2
This part is continuing of my memory in Japan on my last post.
Visiting Shiraito water fall, Ice cave and Larva Narusawa,
Shibazakara in Fuji Mountain. {Please see the beautiful flower image below}
During in Japan to complete thru visit we went to Shiraito Water Fall.
It is very beautiful sceneries. The water comes out between the hills.
We are free to came here but only paid for parking fee The fee are between 200-500yen only depend which place we choose.

Shiraito Waterfall

Visiting the Imperial Palace and Meiji shrine.
A nice place we visit Imperial palace I am happy to see a lot of nice places, but the weather not so good. I like to see nice trees around. We walk until we reach shrine. There we saw the Japanese pray, worship or what I am not sure too? Many tourist went to that place to see the Japanese having their Wedding ceremony there.

There are a lot of shop around that area selling the branded cloth and jeans. The area is very big and we can’t finish and we are all tired and thought of going back to the hotel.

Imperial Palace
Shibazakura in Fuji Mountain
We also went to Mount Fuji to see the Shibazakura . Shibazakura is a type of grasses is planted near the mount fuji. This flower only once a year that is middle of April and end of May. From Yokohama take 2 hours to reach mount Fuji. To enter the area we have to pay 500 yen per person. It very nice sceneries when we see the flower blooming.

Above are Shibazakura blomming
 The last place we visit is Ice Cave  see the photo below

Ice Cave


are2 said...

Pemandangan yang cantik seronok tenggok bunga sakura

-fizA- said...

kacak eh..

reanaclaire said...

oh.. when i went in dec, we were not driven to mount fuji cos of the snow.. unfortunately..