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Friday, June 18, 2010

Do like it?

Hello Friend Do you Like Jogging?????

Jogging is the one of the good activity for your health. It will keep your body is always keep in good health. Jogging also is the best solution for you to burn out more calories in your body. It is a less job but so effectively. So if you are take a jogging as a daily activities, it would burn more calories quicker than individual who take jogging activities on weekend. 
Jogging not only burning out the calories but it would help to to prevent from health problem such as osteoporosis, heart disease and arthritis. Because jogging is playing around your heart, improves muscle and strength, and relieves stress.

But before you do the jogging activities, please check your health condition from your doctor advised. If you have a heart problem, please check your heart condition currently, blood pressure and so on. Make the doctor advice whether you are suitable doing the Jogging activities.  Please choose the right shoes for your jogging activity. Wrongly choose the shoe would be risk you on injury matter.
Start your jogging with the stretching all your muscle(warm up your body) . Do from the top of your head to the bottom. Start with slowly walking and increase your walking speed step by step. Then start short jog until you have the right energy to go a jog.
After finish jogging, Please warming down you body. It will release all muscle will be painful. Please do from the bottom of your leg to the top.
Keep this activity as you routine. You will be get a better health than before.


Temuk said...

Salam Asnah
My doctor always reminds me of the need to do brisk walking, if we think that we are not that fit to jog. I find gardening less sterenuous for someone of my age, yet I can still sweat and feel healthy. I like your earlier entries about your family and Sarawak food. Look forward to tasting the Sarawak Laksa one of these days!

asnah58 said...

Thank you temuk for your comment. yes en temuk as our age begin 50 above our health no constant, yes about food you should test and come over to sarawak.