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Monday, May 18, 2009

I love Plants & flowers

Now i start planting flowers and orchid again. I love plants and flowers, but when Armand & Aiman was born I have no time to look after. All my flowers and orchid died. Plants also like human, we have to look after everyday,water at least twice daily and put fertilizer once in two week. Just because of my two grandchildren i have to sacrificed and drop out my hobbies . Both of them are staying with me and I my self also working, so i can't manage my time at that moment. Now at least i have time because Aim was with her mother since last Mac.

Anyway i have to start from beginning. I have to build new greenhouse again. In Kuching now the weather is very hot. without netting the plants will dry. Last week i bought the garden materials, such as top soil, fertiliser, compos and other planting tools.

This coming Saturday i have to get a lorry to move all my flower pots to my new home so that i can start earlier.

That all for today feel sleepy bye bye.

To fiza ko mupok ecari benih orkid ngan mak. nak lamak smua dah mati ada juak di minta kawan mak ria.klak mun gi KL cari taman okid. Ria mak ada melimpas nya sik jauh dari Taman Burung & rama-rama.

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